GM MacCallum 50 yrs Night!


Whilst in Scotland for the Masters Seminar it was also an absolute honour to attend the "50th year in TKD" celebrations and evening dinner for Grand Master Tom MacCallum, former ITF Secretary General and ITF Icon.
The evening was organised by Mr David Condie (with the help of John & Gillian McIlvaney) and was a total surprise to the GM when he walked in !
A lot of amusement was had at this point and it was a great start to what was going to be a wonderful and memorable evening.
GM MacCallum started his TKD journey in 1969 and this event was a wonderful commemoration of his time in TKD.
His sons, both senior martial artists, and his wife were there and provided a wonderful slide show highlighting key times in his life and his work alongside our founder General Choi Hong Hi. It was also great to see GM Paul Weiller and Master Gordon Wallace present.
A huge well done to T-UK's Scotia instructor Mr David Condie for organising such a wonderful event and a total honour & pleasure to be there,
Mirfet Hassan-Spiller III

John Archer