T-UK Scotland Seminar!

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The weekend of 16th & 17th Feb saw not only a fantastic weekends training, but a momentous evening and a Black Belt Grading as well !

On Saturday there was a Masters technical seminar. This was broken into 2 sessions, the morning for coloured belt members and the afternoon for black belts only . Both sessions were run by T-UK Masters, Master Archer and Master Ridley.
The morning session was started by Master Ridley who, after a fun warm up, went through in detail elements of basics, kicks & patterns, breaking down each technique step by step and answering some great questions from the students.
Master Ridley took time to explain the science behind techniques, especially the correct use of mass & acceleration for maximum effect. Technical Kicking was then explained by Master Archer and some useful tips on how to prepare the body before the kick.
Finally it was on to the patterns and again the class seemed to really enjoy.
Everyones contribution was greatly appreciated and it was also a fantastic fitness session.
Some great feedback was received in the break and after the licences had been signed it was on to the Black Belts……………………………………………

The Black Belt session started with a brief warm up and then straight into technical kicking.
Again all of the details from the morning session was relayed and practised by the Black Belts.
A lot of fun was also had at this point showing what happens when kicks are performed in different ways.
Master Ridley again gave good scientific back up to how these techniques should be performed.
Finally it was on to the patterns and Master Ridley took 1st & 2nd degrees through their tuls whilst Master Archer took 3rd & 4th.
Both Masters commented on how great it had been to train with T-UK Scotland and how much they are hoping to be coming up later in the year for some more courses / training.
This was ended with big thanks to Mr Condie & his team for organising a great day .
Mirfet Hassan-Spiller III




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John Archer