T-UK Technical Course


On Sunday 22nd April, Mr Miley, VI Degree, and the team at the Trident Taekwon-Do Academy hosted the T-UK Technical Course, which was taught by Master Archer, Master Ridley and Mr Crisp, VI Degree. The course was open to Junior and Adult students, red belt and above and with a Black Belt Grading in this area only 2 weeks away attendance was very high with 53 participants !  

Mr Crisp led the group in a thorough warm up and got everybody's muscles working and blood flowing and a lot of fun was had in this opening section.
We were then taken through all the colour belt patterns with each of the three Instructors alternating and covering different patterns. The different styles of teaching kept it all really fresh and interesting and there were plenty of questions from the participants to keep us all engaged.  


The time soon flew and once we had gone through all the patterns we spent the last hour and a half going over the step sparring syllabus and ensuring everyone knows what will be required of them at different levels.  


Overall, it was a very informative and totally enjoyable day.
The feedback forms were 100%  positive and I'm sure all the participants went away feeling like their knowledge had increased.

Next Technical Course is 4th Nov in Stratford upon Avon, look forward to seeing you there !

Jayne Heywood III

Publicity Officer for the Northern Region

John Archer