Mark Scriven Memorial Champs - 18/8/2017

Mark Scriven Memorial Championships

On Sunday 16th July 2017, Taekwon-Do UK held the second annual Mark Scriven Memorial Championships in memory of Mr Mark Scriven IV Degree, who sadly passed away on 10th April 2015.

The tournament took place at Stratford Leisure Centre and saw competitors attending from a whole host of ITF groups as well as local Tang Soo Do group, CKMA. This year there was also the England National Team Selections taking place on one ring at the event, which gave spectators the chance to see some excellent performances from people hoping to earn a place on the England team for the upcoming World Championships in Dublin in October, including several students from T-UK. 

After a short speech from President of Taekwon-Do UK, Master John Archer VII Degree, the tournament got underway. As always, standards were high and the officials had some tough decisions to make.  The officials also worked hard to ensure the categories were run as fairly as possible with divisions  also being split by height for some of our younger competitors. Competition was fierce and the trophies available were top notch. 


At the halfway point of the tournament, Master Archer gave another short speech to remind everyone why we were there and also to relay the very sad news that Rebecca Sayce, Stratford TKD secretary for many years and once a partner to Mr Scriven, had passed away. We all send our condolences to her daughter, Chaise Hart.

It was then time for the special Power Break Contest in Mr Scriven's honour. This is a 6 board break with a beautiful trophy up for grabs for the winner.  Previous winner of this event, Mr Jonathan Emm IV Degree, was first up to take his attempt but sadly was unable to retain the title for a second year. Many others tried with a couple managing partial breaks but it was Mr Juan De Dios Dougnac III Degree, a student who is currently training at the Trident Academy in Sale whilst visiting England from Chile, who was eventually successful and was presented the trophy by Mr Scriven's brother, Chris.  

After the power break contest the tournament continued with lots of excellent performances and hopefully some friendships made along the way before the event eventually came to a close at around 6pm. 

Taekwon-Do UK would like to thank all the competitors who took part in this event, especially those who travelled from around the country.  This event is a very special one to all who knew Mr Scriven and it is always very touching to see the support it receives not just from T-UK clubs but from a whole host of other clubs as well, particularly CKMA who supported in large numbers and had great success.  

We would also like to thank all the officials who kept the squares running fairly and efficiently and the spectators who turn out to cheer the competitors on. We wouldn't be able to hold these events without each and every one of you. 

Taekwon-Do UK would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students who have been successfully selected to compete for England in the World Championships in October: Miss Izzy Brider III Degree, Mr Karl Davis III Degree, Miss Romy Mottershead II Degree and Mr Gilbert Blocksidge II Degree. 

Jayne Heywood III Degree

Publicity Officer for T-UK Northwest