IIC No. 120 - Manchester, England - 20/7/2017

IIC 120, Manchester 7-9th July 2017

Over 1 year ago at an ITF England meeting in Rickmansworth, T-UK asked permission to host an International Instructor Course, and over the weekend of 7th - 9th July that all came to fruition.
T-UK were very proud to have been the hosts of the 120th IIC, that was held in Manchester, England.
From the minute that the GrandMasters and Masters were collected from the airport we all knew this was going to  be a spectacular event. Planning had been going on for 6 months behind the scenes and all seemed to come together perfectly. 


The course was taught by the Technical Committee of Grand Master Hector Marano, Grand Master Kim Ung Lan and Master Pierre Laquerre. Also present were Grand Master Orello Ellis and 17 Masters. After some short opening speeches and presentation of gifts to all visiting Grand Masters and Masters, the 120th IIC got underway. 


Throughout the course we covered all aspects of taekwon-do including all patterns with some brave participants performing patterns in front of the group for the Technical Committee to assist with corrections and take questions from the other participants.  


On Saturday 8th July a promotional test was held and I am very pleased to offer huge congratulations to Taekwon-Do UK's first two Masters, Master John Archer VII Degree and Master Ian Ridley VII Degree. Congratulations also to Master Robin Blair VII Degree and Master Kim Anderson VIII Degree.  

On the evening of 8th July a banquet was held, which gave attendees a chance to socialise. We also used this gathering as an opportunity to raise some money for a very worthy cause. Grand Master Nardizzi has created a fund to assist some of his students and families of his students who sadly were victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. The floral centrepieces on each table were auctioned off and a total of £1,100 was raised on the night, which was further boosted the following day by participants at the IIC who weren't at the banquet.  


The final sessions on 9th July saw us working some more on self-defence techniques and sparring drills before finishing off with some stretching. There were then some closing speeches, gifts presented to the Technical Committee as a reminder of their time in Manchester and certificates presented to all participants before the IIC was officially closed and there was some time for participants to have pictures taken with the Technical Committee. 


This was my first IIC experience and I had an incredible time. The amount of knowledge in the room was unbelievable and to be able to learn from Grand Masters and Masters was an experience I will never forget. 

I am sure I can speak for everyone present when I say a massive thank you to Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Lan and Master Lequerre for such a fun and informative three days. 

Thanks also to the organising committee from Taekwon-Do UK, Master John Archer, Mr James Miley and Mr Jeff Brider for all their hard work in the run up to and during the event.

Last, but by no means least, thank you to the Registration Team, of which I was very grateful to be a part; Mrs Alexis Brider, Miss Izzy Brider, Miss Naomi Pearson, Mrs Sonia Thompson and Miss Rebecca Dean; as well as everyone else who helped out setting the room up and taking everything down afterward. A lot goes on behind the scenes to make sure these events run smoothly and whilst I always realised that was the case, helping out with some of the preparation at this event has given me a new appreciation of just how much work is involved. 

If anyone is ever wondering whether an IIC is worth doing, wonder no more. I would absolutely recommend it to any Black Belt student who is able to make it to one. I, for one, am already looking forward to the next! 


Jayne Heywood III Degree

Publicity Officer for T-UK Northwest