T-UK National Umpire Course - 12/6/2017

On Sunday 21st May 2017, T-UK held their National Umpire Course at the Trident Academy in Sale.

21 students were in attendance, with a large percentage attending an Umpire Course for the very first time as well as some of us refreshing our skills. 

It was presented by Mr John Archer VI Degree, President of Taekwon-do UK, and Mr Ian Ridley VI Degree, Vice President of Taekwon-do UK.

The morning started in the "classroom" going over the finer details of the paperwork involved at a tournament as well as scoring for patterns and sparring.  There were a few questions from the participants and we managed to iron out any queries that people had about procedures involved, what an umpire should be looking for and how to score in both patterns and sparring. 


We then had a short lunch break before changing into doboks and heading down to the dojang to get some more practical experience.
Mr Archer and Mr Ridley were the first to put themselves in the firing line, performing a few patterns in front of the whole group with everyone judging them on their deliberate mistakes.  It's not easy task judging the patterns of the two most Senior grades in our association but everyone rose to the challenge and after judgements were given we asked some of the participants what mistakes they had seen. A lot of fun was had by all but it also showed how easy it is to occasionally miss a mistake that one competitor has made whilst you are looking at the other competitor.  This is why patterns are judged by a panel and not just one person, it reduces the risk of a wrong result being given. 

We then separated into two groups and everyone took it in turns at getting up and performing whilst the rest of the group judged. 

With patterns out of the way it was time to move on to sparring and with this we needed people practicing their corner judging and then some of the more Senior grades amongst us to practice their centre refereeing skills.  Everyone had a lot of fun doing their sparring and purposely doing illegal things to enable the Centre Referees to get plenty of practice, with some of us enjoying it a little too much!



Overall, it was an extremely informative day with lots of things covered but also a lot of fun had by everyone.  I'll look forward to seeing everyone utilising their newfound skills at our next event!

 Massive thanks as always to Mr Archer and Mr Ridley for running the course, Mr Miley for hosting and assisting and Mr Jonathan Emm IV Degree for also assisting. 

If anyone was unable to attend this course I would strongly encourage you to make the trip down to Stratford later in the year for the next one as it is extremely valuable, not just to people who are wanting to be Umpires but to any competitor who takes their competitions seriously and would like to know more about how the scoring systems work.

Miss Jayne Heywood III

Publicity Officer for the Northern Region