Stockport Charity Day - 24/4/2017

On Saturday 22nd April, Stockport Taekwon-Do held their first event of the year in support of FOP Friends, the charity they are supporting this year.  The 23rd of April is International FOP Awareness Day with a theme of fun feet in recognition of the fact that turned in big toes is one of the earliest signs of FOP. 
This theme was perfect for as a martial art where we train in bare feet so students were encouraged to attend with their feet decorated in some way and everyone really put in a lot of effort in their decorations with Mr Hickinbottom's Batman and Superman symbols winning first prize.

Mr Ridley VI Degree and Vice President of Taekwon-Do UK had kindly offered to donate his time in teaching the session in order that all training fees could go straight to the charity.  There was also a cake sale at the end of the session to increase the funds raised.  

The training session itself was a lot of fun as well as being very informative, as always.  It was an excellent chance for some of the students who are taking the Black Belt Grading in two short weeks to get in another session with an extremely knowledgeable Instructor, who will also be part of that examination panel.  The session covered a whole range of elements of taekwon-do including patterns, self-defence, step sparring and free sparring and every student ended the session with a big smile on their face.

As of the end of the session the fundraising tally was £160.00 but with some donations still to come, in particular a donation from Robinson TKD who joined in with the Fun Feet theme at their training session on 23rd April, this total is set to rise.  As soon as we have a final number I will update everyone.

Pics below ;




Stockport TKD would very much like to thank everyone who supported this great cause and especially Mr Ridley for his time and support once again.

If anyone wants more information about Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) please visit