T-UK Technical Course - 4/4/2017

Technical Course Review


On Sunday 2nd April 2017 Mr John Archer VI Degree and Mr Ian Ridley VI Degree put students through their paces at the Taekwon-Do UK Technical Course at the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester.


We had a prompt start at 10am with a short introduction from Mr Archer to remind us why we were all there.  It is important for Taekwondo UK to maintain standards across the association and courses like this help to standardise our teaching and ensure we are all up to speed with the latest developments. 


After a quick warm up from Mr Ridley, we got straight into some basics with Mr Archer going over the importance of sine wave and correct stances.  We were a little reluctant to speak up at first but as the day went on people were getting less shy about asking questions and answering the questions posed by Mr Archer and Mr Ridley.


The morning session was spent going over the patterns from Chon-Ji right through to Choong-Moo with different groups of students performing the patterns for the others and Mr Archer and Mr Ridley taking it in turns at going through the finer details of the technical aspects of each pattern. 


After a short break for lunch we got stuck in with some step sparring, which is being re-introduced into the syllabus to assist our colour belt students in this area and give them some structure whilst they are finding their feet with this discipline.  We all had a lot of fun practicing these with our partners!


Lastly, each grade was brought up to perform their patterns in front of everyone else so we could all give each other some feedback and Mr Archer and Mr Ridley could see if we were implementing the technical points we had been discussing throughout the day.  It was also a good opportunity for those students taking the Black Belt Grading next month to practice their patterns under pressure with lots of Senior members watching them.


Overall the day was very interesting and also a lot of fun.  It was comforting to me that there wasn't a lot of new information to take on board, most of the technical changes we have made over the years since T-UK began are now pretty set and it's just a case of refreshing our memories and making some minor tweaks here and there. 


I would like to thank Mr Archer and Mr Ridley for a very well run course and for sharing their vast amounts of knowledge with us.  I feel we are very lucky within T-UK to have Senior Instructors with a wealth of experience in a variety of areas that complement each other and help us to be a very well rounded Association.


Jayne Heywood III

Publicity Officer for the Northern Area