T-UK Trident Champs ! - 4/4/2017

On Sunday 5th March, George Carnall Leisure Centre was the bustling venue for the newly annual T-UK Trident Championships, hosted by Mr James Miley VI Degree.  With many members of the Trident Group arriving at the venue early to get things set up promptly the tournament was able to get underway with the Black Belt competition starting a little after 9am.  


There were some truly awesome performances from those first few categories with spectators able to see some of our best Black Belt students stepping into the squares.  There were also a lot of our Black Belt students competing for the first time as Black Belts, which is always a little nerve wracking but they all did their best and put in some great performances. 


Mr Miley formally opened the tournament after 10am with a short speech to welcome all the competitors, coaches and spectators, some of whom had travelled down from Scotland or up from Cambridge and Stratford.  As always, he was very grateful to everyone for supporting the event and wished everyone the best of luck.  


There were some excellent standards in patterns across the divisions with some tough decisions for the umpires who were judging them and I was especially pleased to see lots of students from all groups finishing in the medal positions. 


The sparring divisions had some tough bouts but also, on the whole, quite clean with not many warnings needing to be given out for heavy or illegal contact.  The Centre Referees did an excellent job at keeping the bouts moving whilst keeping the competitors safe at the same time.  


It was a long day with some quite large categories but the officials worked hard to keep the squares moving and we were able to get through everyone very efficiently.  We have received a lot of complements from spectators and students alike regarding the event and we are very proud to be able to host this tournament every year and have visitors from outside of our association attend and compete alongside us.


Congratulations goes to all students who participated.  It takes real courage to step into a square and compete in front of a crowd of people so regardless of whether you won a medal or not you should be proud of yourselves for trying and use each tournament as a lesson to improve for the next one. 


Extra congratulations of course goes to our medal winners.  There was some extremely tough competition at this event so you should of course be proud of your achievements but also look at your performance and see if there are perhaps any areas you can improve on for next time.  We are all always learning and should always be looking for any improvement that can be made. 


Massive thanks to all officials, who without them, there is no event. Thanks to Mr Miley and the members of the Trident Group who have been working hard behind the scenes for months in order to ensure this tournament ran as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.  Events like this take a lot of work to prepare for and run.  Thank you to the competitors and Instructors for their commitment to training for and attending the tournament.  Last, but by no means least, thank you to the parents and other spectators for contributing to the atmosphere and smooth running of events like this by supporting the competitors and making sure they are in the right place at the right time.


Jayne Heywood III

Publicity Officer for the Northern Region