T-UK Scotland B/B Grading - 3/3/2017

On 12th February 2017, T-UK Scotland held their annual Black Belt Grading at Seafield Community Centre.
However, this time the grading panel was even more distinguished.
GM Tom MacCallum, Master David McNairn, Mr John Archer & Mr Ian Ridley were all present.

The Grading Panel

After some brief interviews the testing started with students taking ‘star’ grades. These are intermediate tests taken every 12 months for Black Belt Juniors with Star 1 concentrating on Kwang Gae, Star 2 Po Eun and so on.
The Star grades looked very sharp and after their morning test, each were each given some critique to take away and improve before they next test.
The afternoon saw the students testing for full grades going from 1st kup to 1st degree and from 1st degree to 2nd degree.
The afternoon once again saw a very thorough test, expertly conducted by Mr David Condie V.
After the destruction and a small break to discuss results the students were then called back into the Dojang and the results given out and belts presented by Grand Master MacCallum.
T-UK would therefore like to congratulate :

1st Degree Black Belt

Louise Carroll
Ross Odger

Black Belt Star 1

Ellie Smillie
Luke Patrick
Lorna Ferguson
Rahul Kishore

Black Belt Star 2

Connor Stuart
Neve Stuart
Robbie Sheppard

2nd Degree Black Belt

Michael Carver

Nicola Anderson

Paul Codona

Gregor Towers

Alex Marshall

The Successful Candidates

T-UK would also like to thank very much GM MacCallum for his presence and valuable input and also Master David McNairn for attending this prestigiuos T-UK event.