T-UK Scotland Area Seminar - 28/2/2017

On Saturday 11th Feb 2017, T-UK Chief Instructor  Mr John Archer & Secretary General Mr Ian Ridley arrived in Scotland to conduct an Area Seminar for Mr Condie’s T-UK Scotland group.
As they arrived at the dojang they were also joined by newly elected ITF Scotland President, Master David McNairn, who had also come along as a guest to take part and pass on some of his knowledge.
The turnout was fantastic and Seafield Community Centre was full to the brim !

After a good and thorough warm up by Master McNairn, some technical aspects were then practised with Mr Archer and
after each grades patterns had been covered they then went to Mr Ridley for their fixed sparring & free sparring.

A brief lunchbreak and then it was the turn of the Black Belts, who were split into 3 groups for their topics to be covered.

At the end of a long day, particular attention was paid to the grading applicants, who were testing on the following day. 

The Seminar was a great success and at the end all were congratulated.
The grading applicants were then wished all the very best for their following day.


T-UK would very much like to thank ITF President, Master McNairn for his input and attendance and to Mr Condie, Mr Baird, Mrs Wilson & the team for arranging such a great day.

The Morning Session !!

The Afternoon Session !!
(Black Belts & Grading Applicants)