114th IIC - Paris - 22/12/2016

114th IIC Paris

On Friday 25th November, 10 members of T-UK travelled to Paris to train in the 114th IIC.

The trip didn’t exactly get off to the start we expected as our plane developed an engine leak just as we were boarding. After 3 hours waiting to get another (smaller) plane and persuading several people not to fly, we finally were on our way.

We arrived at the venue in time to register for the coming days events but received yet another blow in finding our rooms for Fri and Sat evening had not been booked, even though we had mail confirmation. Thanks to Master Hutton, we understood that the Best Western Hotel had available rooms. A quick taxi ride away and we were just about to take our kit to the room when Grand Master Lan appeared. Horrifically, Grand Master Lan didn’t have a room either. It was only right and proper that we gave up our search and went off to find other suitable accommodation.

We finally had something to eat and settled into our accommodation quite late into the evening. Not the best preparation for 2 days solid training.

On Saturday morning, the team from T-UK met at the venue. Mr Archer, Mr Crisp, Mr Dhillon, Mr Emm, Mr Warmingham, Mr Brider, Miss Brider and Mr & Mrs Spiller had all travelled for the occasion and were not to be disappointed.

Once bowed in, the day got off to a great start with a mind and body warm up from Master McPhail. It was a fabulously refreshing warm up and got all students ready for the events to come. Master Lan and Master Marano took pattern explanation from Chon-Ji through to Juche, along with instruction on self-defence principles and sparring drills etc.
After a 6 hour session, everyone left the hall motivated and exited for the following days training.

On Sunday, we moved through from Sam-Il to Tong-Il. It really was a treat to be able to spend time on the more senior patterns with Grand Master Marano. Prior to this, Master McPhail explained the preparations and form for 1, 2 and 3-step fixed sparring. Other pattern descriptive was taken by Grand Master Lan and Weiler respectively.

It was also great to see Grand Master Bos, who was present for the whole course but didn’t actually instruct. Having spent most of the second day standing right in front of GMB, I can confirm that he has not lost any of his fear element. My concentration levels were at their highest so that I did not make a noticeable error, being directly in eye line.

The whole weekend was a great success and everyone who attended learnt a lot and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Congratulations must go to Master Lear, who graded to 7th Degree and Master Hutton, who graded to 8th Degree……..fantastic achievements. Well done Sirs, and to all of the other grading applicants.

Now is time to study all we have learnt over the weekend and look forward to the IIC in Stratford in July 2017.


Ian Ridley VI

Vice President & Secretary General to T-UK