Manchester Kubz course - 16/11/2016

Kubz Course Review 

On Sunday 6th November, Trident Taekwon-do Group became history makers when a group of 11 Instructors from across the Trident Group took part in the first Kubz course in England, taught by Kubz Creator, Master Hutton VII Degree. 

Mr James Miley VI Degree had arranged for this course to take place in order for us to better accommodate our younger students. Instructors who took part were; Mr James Miley VI Degree, Mr Jonathan Emm IV Degree, Mr Tim Warmingham IV Degree, Mr Phil Mottershead III Degree, Mr Marc Kennan III Degree, Miss Jayne Heywood III Degree, Mrs Katharine Shuler II Degree, Mr Darren Eden II Degree, Mr Andy Teague II Degree, Mr Tom Meacock I Degree and Mr David McCallum I Degree. 

The Kubz programme is an extremely successful programme created by Master Hutton VII Degree for children aged 3 - 7 years old. The programme is designed in such a way that the kids are having fun whilst learning some basic taekwondo-do techniques as well as life skills that will help them grow into polite, helpful and confident young people.  A Kubz Instructor will create a link between themselves, the child's parents/guardians and the child's school and in this process of working harmoniously we can massively benefit the child as they grow and develop. 


The course was a full day of information and trying out some of the activities and drills that we will be teaching once we get up and running. It is obvious that Master Hutton is extremely passionate, not just about the Kubz programme but about taekwon-do as a whole.  He has designed the programme in such a way that it is incredibly easy to teach and the children can earn achievements at regular intervals which enables them and their parents to see their progress.  We all had lots of fun trying out the games and taking part in role play activities to see how to deal with unruly children and answer questions from parents about the course.  Lots of elements of the teaching style Master Hutton uses for his Kubz could also be used in our traditional taekwon-do classes as well. 

I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say that the whole day was extremely inspiring and I'm very much looking forward to seeing our first Kubz classes up and running in the very near future. 

Jayne Heywood III

Publicity Officer for the Northern Region