Area Seminar - Cambridge - 27/10/2016

Today was Cambridge Taewon-Do's first area seminar and it was great to be under the instruction of the T-UK giants Mr Archer the President and Mr Ridley the Vice president. I wont' take a guess at the combined years of experience between them in case I get their ages wrong but that number is huge  😉

This day wasn't just for adults and seniors, we had all levels attend today from yellow tag pee wee's who attended the morning session to Black Belts who trained all day.

What a fantastic opportunity to break down patterns move by move, ask questions and get clarifications. Even as seniors and Black Belts, we had questions, we don't know it all and we forget things!

There is only one way to get good at something and that's to repeat it, repeat it and then repeat it again whilst each time tweaking until it becomes right.

3 key tips that came out from the discussions:

The correct way to perform a Sign waves, a subject that comes up over and over again so we are clearly still working on perfecting it. 

The importance of pivoting on the balls of your feet to perform direction changes and keeping balanced

Keeping a relaxed state and only engaging muscle groups relevant to the techniques and at the right time.

But so much more was discussed including angles, distances, heights, preparatory positions etc.

The majority of the day was spent on patterns but good amount of time was spent on Hosin Sul. Really good to recap some of the more effective self defence techniques, concentrating on adding the important element of 'realism'. It's not worth doing unless it's going to work so get as close to the real thing without causing injury to your opponent, experiment with boundaries i.e how aggressive can you get without injuring your partner! you may get a bruise or two but it's the best way to be prepared. With Hosin Sun we also covered knife attack techniques, Mr Archer encouraged us (adults Black Belts only) to try these techniques using real knifes, I might start of with a butter knife, does that count Mr A :-)

We finished off with destruction. Destruction is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. When you break it's like a knife through butter and when you don't it hurts! .... But destruction is such a good way to figure out if your technique is effective and accurate. Needless to say plenty of us need to continue our work on that!

Although these sessions take up a whole day from your weekend, you are with your friends, your team mates and your instructors, what else is better, certainly not sitting on the sofa watching Coronation Street omnibus. You are learning and developing, and even with all the discipline and technical content it is still such good fun and time flies quicker then you would like.

Thanks Mr Archer and Mr Ridley for your time and Mr Crisp and Miss Ross for organising it.

Super day.