1st Area Seminar !! - 22/4/2016

On Sunday 6th March T-UK held the first of their new 'Area Seminars' in Manchester.
The idea of these initially was to reduce the criteria for Black Belt tests by incorporating the Hosinsul and Technical Courses into the same day, hence less weekends out of peoples time and also less finance for people to find.
However, with all of the T-UK seniors present it also gave an opportunity for all other students from the different areas to train with Mr Archer, Mr Ridley, Mr Miley & Mr Condie !

The event turned out to be a huge success with a fantastic turnout ! 
All of the Area Instructors were present with a large majority of their students and the feedback afterwards was all totally positive.
Once again T-UK has evolved and developed and these new Area Seminars are great proof of this.
Well done to Mr James Miley and the Instructors and students from the Northwest.
We are all looking forward to the next one on May 22nd in Stratford upon Avon !!!