Training & Black Belt Test in Scotland - 15/3/2016

Technical Training and Black Belt Grading – Scotland 20 & 21/02/2016


It was a privilege to accompany Mr Archer up to Scotland on 19th February 2016.
Mr Condie had kindly asked if I would like to join our President for the Technical Training on 20th and the Black Belt Grading on 21st. It had been quite some time since I last visited our Scottish friends and thus the decision was an easy one.

Training on the 20th was to be split with children training in the morning at Mr Condie’s Scotia Academy and then following on with seniors in the afternoon in Carluke Sports Centre.

The evening prior to training Mr C had advised that he was unsure how many of his more junior students would attend the morning sessions. We started off with white to yellow belt children. Although the class size was only single figures, that did not stop us from giving the best class we could. Mr Archer and I shared the responsibilities for the session and at the end, I do believe the children had enjoyed it nearly as much as we had. The same model was used for the final morning session for the more senior children. The numbers were a little higher and again I think everyone had enjoyed the day. We posed for numerous photographs with the children after both sessions, which is always nice.

After a small bite to eat, we proceeded to the Carluke sports centre for the senior class. To our surprise, the hall was packed with seniors ranging from white belt to fourth degree students.

The session started with me giving the guys a quick warm up and getting them ready for their more technical work. Mr Archer conducted the best part of the instruction, passing the student to me at the back of the hall once he had completed the technicality relevant to their grade. I am sure everyone learnt something under Mr Archer’s guidance and had a chance to standardise the more technical aspects of movement and pattern.

As the student came to the back of the class, once finished with Mr Archer, I wouldn’t like to say I “jumped around like an idiot” but that was pretty much it. We conducted technical kicking, some application work following on from Mr Archer’s session and various aspects of 1, 2 and 3-step where we tried to take student out of their comfort zone a little. Again, it was a thoroughly enjoyable session and the seniors had enjoyed themselves again as much as the students. Thanks to all who turned up for their support and infectious enthusiasm.

On the morning of the 21st, Mr Archer and I visited the Scotia Academy for the black belt testing. The first session was the grading for all the Scotia junior students taking star grades etc. Mr Condie conducted what can only be described as a really thorough grading, which was then judged by Mr Archer and I. The juniors in the morning session gave one of the most impressive performances I have seen for quite some time. The standards were of the highest quality and they were a credit to all Mr Condies’ hard work. Well done guys.

In the afternoon, we were honoured to be joined by Grand Master MacCallum who was going to preside over the adult grading. Grand Master MacCallum started the afternoon examination by informing the student of exactly what he expected from each and every one during the grading. After his words of wisdom and encouragement the grading test began. Again, the test was conducted very thoroughly by Mr Condie with Mr Archer and myself  conducting the scoring, with valuable input from Grand Master MacCallum. The grading standards were again very high and it was a pleasure to sit and discuss various aspects of Taekwon-Do with the Grand Master, whose history and knowledge cannot be denied.


Thank you for your time Sir


The standard in Scotland were expected to be high and the students did not disappoint. A full listing of results is included below…..

Junior going for Black Belt

Lisa Campbell

Ashleigh Heggie


Adult going for Black belt

Marion Alexander

Barbara Harding


Junior going for 1 star

Euan McKenzie

Connor Stuart

Neve Stuart

Aidan Russell

Lara Torrance

Robbie Sheppard

Kieran Carver

Ruadhan Wilson


Junior going for 2 star

Niamh Wilson

Alex Marshall

Caitlin Nisbet


Junior going for 3 star

Danielle Baird

Abby Coen

Sam Harrower

Anya Stuart


Junior going for 2nd degree

Euan Smith


Adult going for 2nd degree

Debbie Wilson

Chris Sheppard

Ian Wilson

Caroline Joynes


Adult going for 3rd

Fiona Trainer

I would like to thank Mr Condie for the invite and support during the weekend. His hard work is certainly paying off if the standard present are anything to go by. I would obviously like to thank Grand Master MacCallum for his time and valuable input during the grading and also my good friend and our President Mr Archer for all his time and hard work. Mr Archer’s knowledge and drive is infectious and he has certainly been responsible for dragging me screaming along the more technical path….thank you Sir.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and I can’t wait for my next invite.

Finally, well done to all who attended both the grading and seminar. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Ian Ridley VI

Vice President and Secretary General to T-UK