T-UK Umpire Course, Stratford-Upon-Avon, 31st January 2016 - 6/2/2016

T-UK Umpire Course, Stratford-Upon-Avon, 31st January 2016


On the 31st January 2016, T-UK conducted an Umpire Course in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

This course, although it had been running for many years, has recently been considerably updated to make sure that the way T-UK conduct their tournaments was as close as possible to ITF  competition and protocols, thus,  there were a few changes to communicate through.
The course was conducted by myself Ian Ridley VI, Mr Jeff Brider IV, and with help later in the day from Mr Jon Emm IV.

This was also the very first time we had conducted the course without the guidance of Mr Archer, which felt very weird to say the least. Mr Archer couldn’t resist, however, popping in on the day to say hello and wish Myself, Mr Brider and all participants all the very best for the forthcoming day.
This was very much appreciated.

The day started with a technical questions session from Mr Brider. The theory was to put people under pressure and think on the spot, just as you would have to do in a standard ITF or T-UK tournament. You don’t get a chance to ease yourself into these things, it is full on from the start of proceedings.

Once the attendees had calmed themselves down after the questions session, we systematically went through the Umpire Manual, focusing on the roles of the Corner Judge and Centre Referee.

Many questions were asked during this session which were very much welcomed and obviously covered. All through the morning and afternoon sessions, the guys on the course were very inquisitive and full of spirit, which makes courses of this nature a pleasure to teach.

Towards the afternoon session, the attendees taking the Class B course were taken into the gymnasium by Mr Brider to physically perform the scoring of Pattern and Sparring under the watchful eye of Mr Brider, assisted by Mr Emm.


The guys on the Class A course were then taken in detail through all the requirements and hand signals for a centre referee.

After a lot of discussion and a bit of a demonstration of events, we all joined Mr Brider’s team to fully enact various sparring situations.


All attendees practiced related scoring and refereeing for the remainder of the afternoon, which was both very informative and also and as importantly great fun.

I would like to thank Mr Brider and Mr Emm for their support and also thank all the attendees for their spirit and dedication:

Geoff Chapman

Guy Turner

Mirfet Hassan-Spiller

Nicola Burns

Zaher Kayoum

Jon Emm


Katta Hautaviita

Jamie Crump

Thomas Dickson 

Angus Wilson

Mattt Uzzell

Daniel O'Reilly

Andy Teague

Brian Feely

Steven Robinson

Bhupendra Solanki

Lotan Joseph


Let’s hope to see you guys in full swing at the next T-UK Tournament. Practice makes perfect.

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm.



Ian Ridley VI

Vice President & Secretary General to T-UK