- 10/4/2015

T-UK Scotland recently hosted a child protection course and Black Belt Grading on 7th & 8th February 2015.
The Child Protection Course was to bring all Scotia Instructors up to date with the latest government updates and guidelines.
It was expertly conducted, as always, by Miss Angela Lindie and we had a Special Guest in the form of Grand Master Tom MacCallum !!
There was some great feedback, particularly regarding the uses of social media in the current climate and T-UK would like to thankMiss Lindie for an excellent Course and Grand Master MacCallum for his presence. 

In the evening Mr Archer , Mr Condie and 3rd degree Black belt Mr Lee Anderson got a chance to run through a few patterns before Mr Andersons assesment the following day.

The following day was the Black Belt Test and once again, we were extremely honoured to have Grand Master MacCallum present, also Mr John Mcilvaney VI was present to make a very full and experienced grading panel . The gradings all over the world that GM MacCallum must have seen, alongside General Choi, and here he was sitting at a T-UK Test !
Mr Condie put everyone through their paces and conducted a full and thorough test.
After the Examiners had discussed the results with GM MacCallum they returned to give the results ;
Huge congratulations to;
Peter Kinney, Connor Stuart, Neve Stuart, Aidan Russell, Lara Torrance, Robbie Sheppard, Elli Paterson, Ruadhan Wilson, and Kieran Carver all passed to 1st Degree !
Also congratulations for their 1st star passes to ;
Niamh Wilson, Caitlin Nisbet, Megan Brodie, Alex Marshall
Congratulations for 2nd star passes to ;
Anya Stuart, Danielle Baird, Grant Heggie, Sam Harrower, Dawn Hearsum, Abby Coen.
Once again, a huge thanks to Grand Master MacCallum and Mr John Mcilvaney for their presence and input.

After the test the Grand Master was taken to a local restraunt and thanked once more.
A huge well done to all and big thanks to Mr Condie & his team and all who made this great weekend possible !!