- 1/4/2015

100th IIC Aberdeen 13th – 15th March 2015

On the 12th and 13th March 2015, students from T-UK travelled to Aberdeen for the 100th ITF IIC. John Archer, James Miley, David Condie, Jonathan Emm, Rajinderpal Dhillon, Marc Scriven, Donna Black, Phil Motershead, Jeff Brider, Gavin McAteer, Marc Kennan, Andrew Teague, Lee Anderson, Brian Feely, Alaistair Smith, Geoff Chapman, Bhupendra Solanki, Izzy Brider and myself all participated in the event, a great turnout from T-UK.



The Course was conducted by GM Willem Jacob Bos IX, GM Hector Marano IX and GM Ung Kim Lan XI with sessions also taken by Maser Clint Norman VIII and Master Donato Nardizzi VIII.

Friday afternoon started with a very comprehensive warm up followed by detailed breakdown of coloured belt patterns and defensive work.

On the Friday evening, T-UK’s James Miley was tested for 6th degree Black Belt under Master Nardizzi. The test was very thorough, as expected and at the end Mr Miley was told his successful result. A huge well done to Mr Miley.

Saturday morning focussed on first and second degree patterns (after a comprehensive warm up obviously) and continued with sparring drills with Master Norman etc. In the afternoon, Master Nardizzi presented methods and systems to be adopted in the instruction of children.


On Saturday evening everyone was able to relax and enjoy the ITF IIC Banquet, held at Aberdeen’s football Stadium. Successful applicants for Degree Testing were presented and rewarded and all in all we had a relaxing and enjoyable evening with great food also.

Before our bodies had managed to relax too much, we were back on the floor for the final session on Sunday morning, completing circa 16 hours of tuition. Sunday’s session took the seniors through all the remaining patterns from 3rd Degree upwards in detail.

The noticeable thing for me was the fact that the more IICs we attend, the less we seem to write down in terms of notes. Obviously we had some clarification of techniques but we have come a long way in ITF format over the past few years which is really encouraging.

A massive thanks has to be given to the Grand Masters who were completely motivating and knowledgeable, as well as the Masters who ably assisted.

Thanks must also go to Master Wallace and his team for a fantastically planned and executed event.

All that attended had nothing but praise for the event and had to a man learnt something new.

It was indeed an excellent weekend training with friend from all over the world that was both educational and motivational.

Although my body suffered a little in the following week, I cannot wait for the next one.

Well done to all who attended. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Ian Ridley VI

Vice President & Secretary General of T-UK