CKMA Sparring Seminar - 3/3/2015

On Saturday 28th February, Mr Archer along with Mr Ricky Dhillon & Mr Mark Scriven presented a sparring seminar for the recently affiliated CKMA Group. Around 85 participants took part in what turned out to be a very informative and exciting days training. CKMA, founded by Master Zoe Rossborough and assisted by Master Lina Rodriguez, have a more traditional sparring background so are very keen for their group to learn the 'sport ' side of the Martial Art.
After a brief warm up it was straight into some sparring drills covering basic footwork, attacking , counter attacking and moving in and out on different angles.
Straight after the lunchbreak 2 tournament squares were set up so that the students could practise in a competition environment. The point scoring was explained and the students also had fun with taking turns to score the bouts.
Then it was back into sparring drills with huge emphasis on repetition.
A great day was had by all and T-UK would like to thank Master Rossborough, Master Rodriguez and CKMA students for their great enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.