T-UK Technical Course - 20/11/2014

On 26th Oct 2014, T-UK held a Technical Course at the Stratford upon Avon High School.
21 students turned out, to train under Technical Committee, Mr Archer, Mr Ridley (sec) & Mr Crisp.
Mr James Miley also attended along with squad manager Mr Jeff Brider.
The day started off in the classroom studying 'The Do' and the tenets. As always some interesting feedback was given and the students really opened their minds to the fact that our tenets are not just for Taekwon-Do but also for our everyday lives.

The class then had a small break and proceeded to the Gym, where after a brief warm up from Mr Crisp, the Taekwon-Do basics were covered. The Technical Committee then took turns in going through each pattern and explaining applications and details. A great many questions were asked and notes taken during each pattern.

Students performing Won Hyo

Mr Crisp performing 2 step Sparring

After Choong Moo another short break and it was straight into the fundamentals of fixed sparring, with Mr Crisp covering 3 step, 2 step and 1 step.

Mr Miley assisting Technical Committee 

There was great feedback from the students, who performed really hard throughout the day and all took away much knowledge to further them on their Taekwon-Do journey. Many students on the course were preparing for their Black Belt Test on 23rd Nov, we wish them the very best of luck.
The next T-UK Technical Course will be in conjunction with Hosinsul and held in Manchester on Saturday 7th March.
Well done to the following candidates !

Mark Scriven
Jeff Brider
Ricky Dhillon
Bhupendra Solanki
Richard Scannell
Alex Cameron
Tanya Reid-Moore
Katta Hautaviita
Geoff Chapman
Aitor Seabrooke
Nathan Zaoui
Miro Huidtmann
Rufus Bloomfield
Ross Sumners
Nikolaj Moeller
Lotan Joseph
Livvy McCormack
Isabella Cooke
Adele Cooke
Lorcan Campbell
Gilbert Blocksidge
Freya Stiff