T-UK Umpire Course - 10/8/2014

On 6th July 2014 T-UK held a National Instructor Course in Stratford upon Avon. 
This event replaced the originally calendered  'instructor course' to refresh everyone with the upcoming ITF English Championships.

A great turnout of 33 students/instructors arrived promptly and the morning began in a classroom setting as a brief overview of rules etc. were given by Mr Archer and Mr Ridley.
Master Ken Chesterman was also present to make any adjustments regarding T-UK to ITF.

After the basic rules were explained and discussed the whole group then moved into the sports hall where two rings were ready to receive everyone.

During the afternoon the umpire comittee then covered ring protocols, procedures, scoring patterns, corner judge point scoring and cente refereeing.

An awful lot of information was given out and many different scenarios were discussed.
The day was a huge success with many umpires trying out new roles to prepare them for their next stage.

T-UK would like to thank all attendees for their dilligence and input.
Also big thanks to Master Chesterman for his ITF input.

Congratulations to the following participants ;

 Class A
John Archer
Ian Ridley

Class B
Andy Crisp
James Miley
Alan Smith
Ricky Dhillon
Jon Emm
Mark Scriven

Class C
Anna Crisp
Lynda Parnell
Jayne Heywood
Scot Hickinbottom
Gavin McAteer
Brian Feeley
Oliver Bullock
David Spiller

Class D
Alex Deegan
Richard Scannell
Sarah Parnell
Chaise Hart
Bhupendra Solanki
Roger Crockford
Claudio Leitao
Jermaine Ethell
Alex Cameron
Tanya Reid-Moore
Icilda Steele
Sue Metcalfe
Lynette Johnson
Katherine Schuler
Kim Simkins
John Fussell
Gareth Thomas
Mirfet Spiller
David Spiller
Scott Bambrick