ITF IIC - Dublin 23 to 25/05/2014 - 4/6/2014

Several members of T-UK travelled to Dublin for the 92nd ITF IIC in May 2014.

Ian Ridley, Andy Crisp, Martin Noddings, Ricky Dhillon, Jon Emm, Gavin McAteer, Anna Ross, Alex Wright and Scott Hickinbottom all attended the course conducted by Grand Masters Bos, Marano and Lan respectively.

A total of 15 hours training was completed in 3 days, comprising of Pattern Detail, Sparring Techniques, Self Defence, Basic Fitness Work and Stretching and Training Methodology.

As always, everyone was completely inspired by the Grand Masters and trained their hearts out, fully documenting everything along the way so the principles can be disseminated to the rest of T-UK on our return.

We have to thank our Irish hosts for their fabulous hospitably and for staging such a great event.

This was the third IIC I have attended recently and I have to say it was the best. The format was changed slightly to mix the sessions up a little more than on previous occasions and really focus the mind. That, coupled with the fact that the Grand Masters were on top form made the whole weekend fantastic fun and a great learning experience.

I was also hugely grateful to hear the week after that it wasn't just my poor legs that ached for a number of days.

Well done to all those who attended and here's looking forward to the next one

Ian Ridley VI

Vice President and Secretary General of T-UK