Final Central Interclub Champs Ever!!! - 28/3/2014

Central TKD have just hosted their final ever Interclub Championships at The Stratford Leisure Centre.
For a great many years our friends from a lot of schools and associations have shown an interest in taking part in this event, so much so that it is now too big to continue in its current format.
So to celebrate the birthday of T-UK, around 22nd March each year, this event will now become The T-UK English ITF Open Champs, and use the whole Leisure Centre. Watch this space !!

The morning started with the TKD Oath and a brief address from T-UK and Central Chief Instructor, Mr Archer, who then gave a warm a welcome for ITF England's Mr Ken Chesterman from Hinkley.
The tournament then got underway with huge peewee divisions, so much so that an extra square needed to be opened.

The 3 main groups, Wirral, TST and Central fought long and hard throughout the day and some great future talent was witnessed.

As far as points were going Stratford club were looking very comfortable until the adult section, where TST really pulled it back.
Wirrall also came back well in the sparring divisions after a difficult time in patterns.
Some of the smaller schools in the Central area did a fantastic job with nearly a 100% of students taking some kind of medal home with them.
The day was a huge success and the points tally has never been closer on a club level :
Area Results ,
1st Place; Central 239 pts
2nd Place TST  137 pts
3rd Place  Wirrall TKD 91 pts 

Individual School Results ;
TST Coventry 92pts
Stratford 92pts
Wirral (2 clubs) awaiting separation 91pts
North Leam 42pts
TST Balsall 40pts
South Leam 33pts
Kineton 32 pts
Warwick 22pts
Shipston 18 pts
Cambs 9pts (not included as Central)
Solihull 5pts
TST Woolaston 5pts

So with this being the case, Stratford decided to award the winning shield to TST TKD for their outstanding effort and superb tenets.
Central TKD would like to thank all groups, competitors and spectators who supported this event and will certainly make sure this is equally if not more enjoyable next year.
A huge and special thanks must go to all of the officials who worked hard and tirelessly under difficult circumstances.
See you all next year at The T-UK English ITF Open !!!!!

More pics and full results to follow !!!!!