T-UK Technical Course Full ! - 27/3/2014

On Sunday 16th March, T-UK held a Technical Course at The Trident Academy in John Street, Sale.
The course was conducted by the T-UK Technical Comittee, Mr Archer, Mr Ridley (Sec) & Mr Crisp and assisted by T-UK England coach Mr Miley.
Around 65 applicants arrived promptly from Manchester, Central Area and Cambridge, some of whom arrived unexpectedly, which almost made the course too full !
The morning section of the course focused on 'The Do' in Taekwon-Do, a very interesting subject that Mr Archer & Mr Miley had first discovered at The 1st ITF Convention in Benidorm a few years ago. The 5 Tenets were covered in great detail and from several angles. Great feedback and involvement from the students meant a lot of fun was had learning about this section.
After 'The Do' section it was time to learn some of the correct protocols in Taekwon-Do and again, a lot of feedback , questions and involvement from the eager class.
After a short break the class was then split into 2 groups, up to 1st kup stayed with Mr Archer and Mr Miley, and the 1st Degree and up went with Mr Ridley & Mr Crisp into the 2nd dojang. This worked very well as it was almost a 50/50 split !
Taekwon-Do basics were covered in great detail, followed by the patterns up to Won Hyo. Then a short break, after which the Instructors then changed rooms so all students got to train with all Instructors. The patterns were then taken up to Choong Moo and the whole group was finished off with fixed sparring.

Again, a great many questions were asked and were explained in great detail by the Instructors.
A fantastic day was had by all, and after the certificates and licences were sorted out everyone made their way home.
The T-UK Technical Comittee would like to thank and congratulate all who attended and also thank Mr Miley and his team for their help, the use of the Academy and his assistance on this course.
The next T-UK Technical Course is on 26th October 2014 at The Stratford High School.
We look forward to seeing you there !