T-UK Scotland Weekend ! - 14/2/2014

T-UK Scotland Technical Seminar & Black Belt Grading 2014

Taekwon-Do UK Scotland commenced a busy calendar for 2014 this past weekend by welcoming President and Vice President of T-UK to Scotland for an action packed weekend.

Saturday February 8th Seafield Community centre played host to Mr Archers technical seminar. An impressive turnout was eager to go upon Mr Archers and Mr Condies arrival. 

The morning kicked off with four directional punching and blocking, and progressed through coloured belt patterns up to Toi-Gye. Basics like pivoting and step turns were meticulously examined. The course held special emphasis on sine wave, its interpretation, its application and its impact on TaeKwon-Do techniques. 


After a short break, the afternoon focused on black belt patterns while coloured belts had the opportunity to brush up on step sparring. Commencing with Fourth degree patterns and working down to first, all Scotland Black Belts had the opportunity to have their technique examined by Mr Archer as well as to receive constructive advice after.

 The course wrapped up with an impromptu photo shoot of attendees.


Sunday February 9th was a highly anticipated date for several Scotland members. The annual Black Belt Taekwon-Do UK Scotland grading kicked off at 10 am in Mr Condies HQ, Scotia TKD  Gym in Carluke.  Mr Ridley made the trip up for this momentous day.

Candidates commenced the morning with interviews where Mr Archer, Mr Ridley and Mr Condie reviewed students thesisis and spoke about their future. 

The grading itself spread over 6 hours examined patterns, terminology, step sparring, self defense, free sparring, two on one sparring, and concluded with destruction and special technique. 

All students were exhausted and felt thoroughly challenged after the grading finished. Examiners called all candidates, including those doing assessments individually to discus their errors, good points and advice for moving forward. Successful students were presented with their new belts and certificates before leaving.

Scotia is proud to have two new third degrees, Mr Alastair Smith, and, Miss Nora Meuse, two new Second Degrees, Mr Alan Alexander and Miss Megan Smilie, as well as 6 new first degrees!

Special mention goes to Miss Megan Smilie II, who, at just 15 not only graded with the adult contingency, but received the highest mark and was honoured with "Best Grading" result.  Megan is a member of the Scotland ITF junior girls squad and has competed internationally several times. Her natural talent and dedication has long made her an inspiration to her fellow students, so this title came very well received by all.

 All students are now looking eagerly towards welcoming their T-UK southern neighbors in May at the Goodwill Scottish Championships!

Article by Miss Nora Meuse