T-UK Smash World Record !!! - 25/10/2013

On a cold and rainy Sunday 13th October 2013, T-UK and friends gathered in Coventry City Centre's Broadgate to attempt to break the current World Record,  held by the Hong Kong Dragons for the largest TaeKwon-Do display ever, at 338 people.
The whole event was in aid of Cancer Research and the total amount raised will be announced once all of the sponsorship money has been collected, but already is a large amount !

After the Official Guiness Book of Records Representitive had read out all of the rules and criteria the show got started.
Olympic Gold Medalist; Jade Jones was drafted in to conduct a brief warm-up and  get proceedings under way. 


After the countdown a klaxon sounded and the full on display was then led by T-UK President Mr J Archer , who was ably assisted by Mr Ridley, Mr Miley, Mr Crisp and Mr Condie .
ITF England's Mr Ken Chesterman was also on the floor to help out with the demonstration.  

The display consisted of some punching drills, blocking drills and kicking drills and after the required 10 minutes another claxon was sounded to end the attempt.


The Guiness Book of World Records officials had counted numbers throughout the display and after a brief 5 minute meeting  their results were then ready to be announced...............


'Congratulations T-UK you are now the new World Record holders for the largest TaeKwon-Do display ever, smashing the previous record with 428 participants' !!!!!!!!!!! 
When the result was announced no amount of rain could have dampened anyones spirits and a huge cheer went up from all present.
After the excitement had died down a little, all present were able to have their picture taken with Jade Jones.
The whole event was televised and also covered in the Midlands newspapers.

T-UK would like to thank all sponsors, parents, Instructors and students who supported this event regardless of affiliation. Many travelling from as far as Scotland to Cornwall !
A special and huge thanks has to go to the main event organiser Mr Stuart Pearson who spent 9 months preparing it all !!!

Taekwon-Do UK......... World Record Holders !!!!!!