British Champs 2013 - 25/10/2013

T-UK British Champs 2013

On Saturday 12th Oct T-UK held their British Championships at the Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre.
Doors opened at 9.00am to a great turnout, including  guests from UKTA, PUMA, TSTUK, De Silva TKD and more !
All T-UK areas were present in force including  great representation  from Scotland, Manchester,  Cambridge and the Central Region.

TKD-UK Officials at 2013 British Championships

After a very brief address & welcome by T-UK President , Mr Archer , some presentations were made.
Mr Dhillon &  Mr Walker were both congratulated on passing their IV degrees and Mr Condie was congratulated on passing hisV degree.
A presentation was also made to T-UK representatives attending The ITF World Championships in Benidorm.
Then the Tournament was officially opened and things got underway.
Once again, some great standards & bouts were witnessed throughout the day.

Joniors Bowing  

Divisions were actually split more than usual to try to give an even fairer chance , particularly for the white belts, and of course, all male and female categories were seperate.
It was great to see the guest associations doing equally well across the board, all showing very similar high standards.


Nearly all schools took medals away with them along with their participation certs, leaving the competitors & spectators happy and really looking forward to next years event.
D E photo's were present and some great pics can be seen or purchased from their site - .
It was great to see our 2 Olympians present, Mr Lyle Walker and Miss India Isles, and this proved a great photo opportunity for the members.

 Junior Black Belt Sparring   

After the tournament, a party evening had been arranged at The Grosvenor Hotel, where many students partied away until the early hours.
T-UK would really like to thank all who supported this event, especially the officials who always work so hard to make these things possible.
Until Next Year !