T-UK National Umpire Course - 29/9/2013

T-UK have just held an Umpire Course at The Stratford High School, Alcester Road, Stratford upon Avon.
on Sunday 15th September 2013

Over 20 applicants arrived in Stratford bright and early for what proved to be a bright and informative umpire course..
The morning was spent in a ‘classroom’ environment and started at  9.30am prompt.


The first part of the day covered all aspects of competition umpiring including:

Undertanding Paperwork, ie Draw Sheets etc.
Lining up on squares & bowing officials in
Judging Technical Aspects of Pattern
How to Score in Pattern Competition using new scoring system was all covered.
After that The Sparring Competition was covered;
 Understanding Equipment & Paperwork
Judging Free Sparring Competition
How to Score in Sparring Competition
Warnings & Fouls in Sparring Competition
Centre Referee Duties & Signals

After a Lunch break all moved into the main hall for practical application of everything. A lot of fun was had and a great many questions answered.

Well done to all who attended and we look forward to seeing this put into practise at The British Champs on 12th Oct