HosinSul Seminar held in Manchester - 10/8/2013

Mr Archer and Mr Condie visited Manchester on 27th July to present a HosinSul seminar to 30 participants at the Trident Taekwon-do Academy in Sale Manchester.  Those attending included Mr Ridley, Mr Miley and 24 black belts and 4 coloured belts.  It was pleasing to see a large group of junior students.

After registration it was straight into an intensive days activity.  The seminar started with Hubbard and related drills and moved on to limb destruction and other techniques. 

After a short break the seminar moved on to take downs, wrist locks, and other interesting and painful techniques.  However, if the laughter and comments were anything to go by all those attending had fun gaining knowledge, which would stand them in good stead.

This report would be a catalogue of the course if I repeated every drill we covered, suffice it to say that everyone left wanting to do more.  This was very impressive given that the temperature in the dojang left everyone wilting.  Mr Archer and Mr Condie are to be thanked and complemented on their stimulating, and in some cases painful, demonstrations of the many techniques.  I for one will want to attend more of the sessions that will be delivered and I know that those attending were talking about the seminar for days afterward.

Thanks are due to Mr Archer and Mr Condie for putting on such a stimulating, and fun, seminar to Mr Ridley for assisting in the demonstrations and to Mr Miley for hosting the event.

Jeff Brider