2013 Taekwon-Do UK Goodwill Scottish Championships - Report - 9/6/2013

On Friday the 17th of May, Taekwon-Do UK on behalf of ITF Scotland, invited Mr Stephen Tapilatu to travel to Scotland to conduct a Sparring seminar in the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.  The venue was an excellent choice for Mr Tapilatu as he had fond memories of attending the ITF World Championships over 20 years previous.  The sparring seminar was very well attended with over 90 children and over 60 adults taking part.  Mr Tapilatu was welcomed by T-UK President Mr Archer and Master Wallace and then straight to the action.

Mr Tapilatu had some great fun with the kids and adults, enthusiastic as ever, fun warm ups, quality drills covering timing, precision and method.  The feedback was tremendous and all are eager to see him return in the near future.  The seminar was an open event and attracted student from the GTF Scotland, Taekwon-Do Uk England, PUMA, Independants as well as ITF Scotland.

Taekwon-Do UK and ITF Scotland would like to thank Mr Tapilatu for his attendance and making our event special.



Saturday the 18th of May was our Taekwon-Do UK Goodwill Championships.  The event attracted well over 400 entries and had special guests in attendance. 

GM MacCallum, Master Gayle (PUMA), and Master Wallace all in attendance made our day more special.  Our President Mr Archer welcomed everyone to our championships and our Secretary General, Mr Ian Ridley, presented a token of appreciation to our guests.  Mr Archer thanked all attendees then stressed how important proper tenets, spirit and goodwill was vital at these championships and wished everyone the very best of luck. 
The championships then began with our smallest, youngest divisions and worked our way through to our senior grades.  The spirit of all competitors was second to none.  These games attracted 5 different countries including Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and Netherlands.  It was refreshing to see hard fought contests in a true tkd manner.


Taekwon-Do UK would like to thank everyone for their efforts for making the day such a success.  Thanks to the students, parents, umpires and of course our guests.  Results of these championships can be found on www.scotiatkd.com  

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year in Edinburgh, May 2014

Groups in attendance

Taekwon-Do UK Scotland

Taekwon-Do UK England

Tapilatu TKD

Master Wallace Black Belt Academy

Master Hutton Black Belt Academy



GTF Scotland

PUMA ( England )

Mark Boydell TKD ( biggest visiting representation)

Wales UKTC

Brian McGowan TKD

Robin Blair TKD

Pro Edge

Glasgow East TKD

Bristol TKD


Aberdeen Blackbelt Club

McGhee TKD

Article by Host David Condie

Pictures by Richard King Photography