ITF European Championships 2013 - Report - 9/6/2013

The 28th Senior and 19th Junior European Taekwon-do Championships were held in Skovde Sweden between 2nd and 5th May.  A contingent from T-UK attended the championships to represent their respective countries, to coach and to support the teams.  Those attending were:

Representing ITF England:  Izzy Brider, Romy Mottershead, Bethany Hodkinson (Competitors) and Phil Mottershead.  Jeff Brider attended as an Umpire.

Representing ITF Scotland: Mr David Condie (Coach), Lyle Walker, Lewis Walker, Joe Findlay and Liam King.


The teams made their way to Skovde from their respective countries and met for the first time at the early morning start on Thursday included registration and weigh in for the competitors and a chance to renew acquaintances with colleagues from other European countries. 

Competition began in earnest on Friday and continued until Sunday evening.  All the days started at 8:30 am and continued until 5 pm, long but enthralling days.  Competition, which included representatives from 26 countries, was of an amazing standard and all our representatives in both the individual and team categories performed brilliantly.  The Association and their Instructors should be proud of their students and their achievements at this level.  They displayed all that is great about the T-UK on and off the competition ring.

It is difficult to draw attention to any one person as so much was going on, and that I was fully occupied in officiating, but I did have the opportunity to see some of the impressive contributions of the Association’s competitors.  Their efforts led to the following results:

·      Bethany Hodkinson, Bronze medal in Junior Female Sparring to 65kg;

·      Izzy Brider, Bronze medal in Junior Female Team Pattern;

·      Lyle and Lewis Walker Bronze medal in Junior Male Team Sparring; and,

·      Liam Bain in Bronze medal in Junior Male Team Pattern.

Overall, the performance of the Polish team stood out and their medal haul was prodigious given that they had not performed as well as in Slovenia, Norway also produced some excellent performances.  Juroslav Suska won his 20th consecutive European Individual Pattern Gold medal.

At the end of the competition all the T-UK representatives joined together for photographs on the centre ring.  I enjoyed the opportunity to renew friendships with colleagues from other countries and associations that I feel is a key element in Taekwon-do.  However, it was the camaraderie and friendship on display by the T-UK contingent irrespective of country that impressed me the most.  If this is the spirit that we are developing in T-UK we are doing a great deal that is right and something that the Association should be proud of; long may it continue.


Finally I place on record my thanks to all those who arranged the tournament, the national coaches and particularly Mr Condie for all the support that he gave to T-UK students in Skovde.


Jeff Brider