Tactical Edge Seminar 2nd June 2013 - 4/6/2013

On Sunday 2nd June, Mr. Mark Davies travelled to the Stratford High School to to give one of his infamous Tactical Edge Seminars.

36 Students arrived to take part in what turned out to be a  great days training with many new drills and protocols.
Once all students were signed in at 10.00am, everyone lined up in the Dojang waiting to start. 
After the formalities took place, the day started with a very brisk warm up catching a few people by surprise !
The first section was pad protocols, this proved very popular and incorporated both long and short range counters.
Defending (and attacking) from grabs , jabs, eliptical attacks etc was all expertly demonstrated by Mr. Davies and was well received by all participants, including the 'ever popular' limb destruction drills !
Following a short break for lunch the session then moved onto takedowns using footpins, and then an afternoon of counter knife defence.
 This is always the section that people worry about the most but everyone did a great job and learnt a lot due to the expert instruction and demonstrations. 
Throughout the day there were a lot of 'involuntary' noises, often a sign of great technique!
The course wound up at 3.00pm with a lot of tired, bruised and worn out brains . 
On behalf of all of T-UK  students who took part, we would like to thank Mr. Mark Davies very much for his time and expertise. Im sure some of these drills will definitely now be introduced into our classes.
Our aim is to have Mr. Davies down at least once a year to go through our Hosinsul and we all very much look forward to the next one !