Instructor Courses 2013 - 12/3/2013

T-UK have just held 2 National Instructor Courses, firstly on 2nd March in Manchester and then a week later on 9th March in Seafield, Scotland.
The Instructor Courses are essential for all Instructors / Assistants and ‘potential Instructors’ and need to be sat every 2 years.

The morning section was covered by Child Protection Expert, Mrs Angela Lindie, who revealed all of the latest statistics and the do’s & don’t’s when it comes to teaching our junior members. Much discussion was had over a great many issues and T-UK are very proud & thankful to have someone of Mrs Lindies experience & background on board.

The afternoon session was conducted in Doboks and featured all of the correct TKD protocol in The Dojang and this time the practical do’s and don’t’s of teaching. Again, a lot of fun was had in this part as the attendee’s then took turns in teaching the class.

Congratulations to all who attended, and for any Instructors that missed there will be a course at the end of the year in the Central Area.

Certificates & Manuals were presented & T-UK absorbed the costs of CRB’s for all new Instructors.

Thanks go to Mr. James Miley & Mr. David Condie for hosting these courses.