T-UK Hosin Sul Course 24th Feb 2013 - Review - 1/3/2013

On Sunday 24th February over 45 students gathered that the Stratford High School to take part in the first T-UK Hosin Sul (Self Defense) seminar of 2013.

Once all students were signed in at 9.30am, everyone lined up in the Dojang waiting to start.

After the formalities took place the day started with a light warm up and stretching session taken by T-UK Vice President, Mr Ian Ridley VI and was quickly progressed to pass-over hubud drills. These started of with basic left and right hand attacks but moved on to elbows and backfist attacks and strikes within the defense section of the drill.


The next section was defending (and attacking) from grabs and was well demonstrated by Mr Archer VI and Mr Condie V. This included single and double hand grabs and progressed onto limb destruction techniques.

Following a short break the session then moved onto takedowns including head tilts and neck twists. This is always the section that people worry about the most but everyone did a great job and learnt a lot due to the expert instruction and demonstrations.

The last section before a short lunch break was joint locks. Moves such as the bent wrist press and the 'Goose neck" were demonstrated and then students has the opportunity to try these out on each other. There was lots of noises being made by all recipients of each lock but everyone was very controlled and no one got hurt which is always a good sign of great technique!


We then broke for lunch (albeit much later than expected!) and after a quick refuelling moved on to knife defense techniques. Defense against attacks to the stomach, chest and downward strikes were shown with much vigour and after the demonstrations the students were once again allowed to try out the moves in pairs.

We finally moved on to ground defense and Mr Condie and Mr Archer demonstrated some impressive moves to defend and subsequently attack the opponent whilst on the ground. Mr Condie's leg hooking arm bar stood out as a highlight!

That concluded the day and all there was left to do was bow out and have the obligatory group photo!


On behalf of all of T-UK  students who took part, we would like to thank Mr Archer,  Mr Condie,  who drove down from Scotland at 4.30 that morning to take the course then drove straight home afterwards !!

Also Mr Ridley & Mr. Crisp for an excellent and enjoyable day of TKD training.

Its very surprising how quickly 5 hours can go when you are enjoying yourselves!