Scotland Technical Course / BB Grading - 13/2/2013

Technical Course Saturday 9th February 2013

Mr Archer travelled up to Scotland to host T-UK's 3rd technical course.  The course once again was greatly attended by over 50 students eager to improve their knowledge. 
Mr Archer, assisted by Mr Condie, started the day off after welcoming the members by going over the fundamental basics of TKD which included, breath control, sine wave, balance, timing and execution of technique.  On the course the four directional exercises all the way through to Choong Moo were thoroughly covered.  Mr Archer went over every move of each pattern in detail, he demonstrated the practical application of each technique and always welcomed questions.  He was very pleased with the response of the members, each took their turn of asking important details and Mr Archer took the time to answer them and ensure everyone had no grey areas in performing their patterns.



Mr Condie then took the students through step sparring where they covered 3,2 and 1 step sparring.  The students were encouraged to go 100% when attacking and defending to ensure blocking techniques were practical and efficient.  It was great to see the members applying techniques relevant to their grades in proper context.  Technical kicking was also covered in this section with mechanics of the kicks and the execution of power highlighted.

The feedback from the course was very pleasing. The students had been on the floor for over 5 hours with their heads bursting full of knowledge.  T-UK Scotland would wish to thank Mr Archer for his excellent teachings and his humble manner in which he passes on his knowledge.  Mr Archer then gave out CD's from the course and thanked Mr Baird for his hard work in preperation for the course.


Sunday 10th February Black Belt Grading


The second T-UK Black belt grading test was held at Seafield Community Centre, West Lothian.  The grading was conducted by Mr Archer and Mr Condie, also over seen by Grand Master MacCallum. 


The test started at 9am with each candidate being interviewed and questioned about TKD and their future plans.  Each candidate performed every pattern up to and including their grade and then had to go over every move of their patterns answering questions about technique.  After the pattern section, they moved on to technical kicking and step sparring, this was followed by self defence as per our Hosin Sul syllabus, special technique and sparring.  Each student had to spar one on one, two on one until each displayed indomitable Spirit and convinced the panel they were worthy of that sacred Black belt.  Each candidate then had destruction to contend with, displaying skills of power and speed.  The grading finished at 3.30pm. It was a long, tiring but very worthy day.  T-UK Scotland are pleased to announce the following results;



promoted to 1st Degree

Anya Stuart

Grant Heggie

Dawn Hearsum

Sam Harrower

James McNair

Alex Marshall

John Dunn

Paul Codona

Lauren Reid

Abbey Coen

Danielle Baird

2nd Degree

Liam King


1st Degree

Chris Sheppard

Debbie Wilson

Ian Wilson

Euan Gemmell

Anthony Howley

Caroline Joynes


3rd Degree

Alan Baird



Congratulations to all who passed, T-UK are very proud of all students.