T-UK England Pre-Test and Black Belt Grading - 17/10/2012

T-UK England Pre – Test & Black Belt Grading will take place over the weekend of 10th & 11th Nov 2012 in Stratford upon Avon.

Firstly on Saturday 10th Nov at The Stratford Leisure Centre, there is a Pre Test, especially important for possible Grading Applicants taking Star Grades and full Degree test. This is also optional for assessment grades.

Pee Wee’s & Juniors will register 9.30am for prompt start at 10.00am and finish at 12.30pm. Adults will start at 1.00pm and finish at 4.00pm

The day will include all of the Black Belt Patterns in detail required for the next days testing, also 1 & 2 step sparring , HosinSul and Destruction. Please note; this course is also open to non grading persons and No application forms are required.

Cost of this is just £15 peewee & junior & adult

On Sunday 11th Nov it is The Black Belt Grading Test at The Stratford High School, Alcester Road.

Pee Wee’s & Juniors 9.30am registration for a prompt 10.00am start and will finish at 12.30pm. Adults 1.00pm registration for start 1.30pm and finish at 4.30pm.

All Candidates will need to fill in both a National Degree Application Form and a Black Belt Test Form from the T-UK website and send electronically to Mr Ian Ridley, iain.ridley@sky.com or 11 Saxilby Road, Keighley, East Morton, BD20 5BW, along with thesis for any student taking a full grade 1 week before Test. (please do not send by registered post).

All candidates should attend in official attire, bringing clean Dobok & safety equipment. All breaking materials, bricks – wood etc will be supplied on the day. Successful candidates will receive their T-UK Black Belts, and certificates will be presented on the day.

We wish all applicants the very best of luck.