T-UK visits Africa - 14/10/2012

Gavin McAteer III degree recently visited Zimbabwe where he had the opportunity to attend two local Taekwon-Do classes run by Zimbabwean Instructor, Mr Evan Brown IV degree.


Upon arriving at the first training session, which was held at Arrupe College in Harare which is a training school for Catholic Priests; Mr McAteer was unexpectedly asked to lead the session. The room was filled with excited trainee Priests all at different points of their Taekwon-Do journey and a number of spectators. Mr McAteer


After the initial surprise of being asked to lead the class eased Mr McAteer effortlessly put on his Taekwon-Do instructor


The second training session Mr McAteer led was held in a teachers training college in Harare and it was very similar to the first session but the inclusion of self defence however this time there were some clear natural talent within the group. Mr McAteer wasted no time in imparting some of the self defence techniques that he had learnt earlier this year at IIC seminar and again focused on stances and patterns. The trainee teachers were keen to impress and a few of the students.


Fun was certainly had by all and Mr Evan Brown IV extended his gratitude to Mr McAteer for imparting his knowledge and injecting his enthusiasm into two of his classes adding that Mr McAteer was always welcome to come and teach again in Africa.