T-UK National Umpire Course & AGM - 27/6/2012

From 29th June to 2nd July, Mr Archer & Mr Condie will be in Ireland at the ITF Umpires Course in Limerick.

This will be to ensure that T-UK are in line with all ITF rules & regulations with regarding our Tournaments. Any new information will then be passed on at our next T-UK National Umpire Course on Saturday 8th Sept at The Stratford High School.

All T-UK officials will be expected to attend and any that have already sat a T-UK Umpire Course will be free of charge.

Also straight after our Umpire Course at 3.00pm will be our AGM & Instructor Meeting.

This will give every Instructor a chance to put forward their ideas / suggestions etc and to voice any concerns they may have. Any Instructor wishing to place an item on the Agenda must do so by email to our Secretary General, Mr Ian Ridley by Friday 31st August.