T-UK 1st Scottish Championships Report - 5/6/2011

Taekwon-Do UK has arrived…

Saturday the 21st of May 2011 was another landmark in the Taekwon-Do UK’s bright new history, not only was it our first competition with just short of 500 entries, but a statement of intent for what looks to be a modern era in Taekwon-Do throughout the UK. 

As usual, when we host a major event, the good weather always appears, and on that Saturday the glorious weather was equalled by a magnificent competition.  As per the schedule, the event started at 9am with an electric buzz in the Grangemouth Sports Complex.  487 competitors from Taekwon-Do UK and invited guests lined up to welcome the official party which were welcomed into the arena with rapturous applause.  Some of the guests included Mr Lee, Miss Redmond, Mr Boydell, Mr Gilmour, Mr Miley and Mr Campins.  Then it was the turn of our Vice President Mr Ridley who introduced our President Mr Archer and our special guest of honour, Master Wallace.

After reciting our oath and welcoming everyone into a packed and busy hall, it was time to thank all groups in attendance and Mr Archer then presented all travelling groups with a historical memento of our 1st T-UK Goodwill Championships on behalf of all Taekwon-Do UK Seniors and students.  The attendance awards were given to:

  • Master Sutherland VIII    

  • Master Wallace VII                       

  • Master Hutton

  • Mr Campins            

  • Miss Cross              

  • Club Lee       

  • Elite TKD      

  • Saltire TKD

  • GTF Scotland          

  • UKTA                         

  • UKTC             

  • Broxburn TKD         

  • DGBA

And others…

Mr Archer then thanked all who had travelled from over the UK and then gave an empowering speech about the future of TKD in Great Britain, friendship, Modern Taekwon-Do, standards and then announced that Taekwon-Do UK had definitely arrived with a bang and made everyone feel relaxed, welcome and looking forward to our day and future. 

The competition started promptly with all junior and peewee grades on the rings instantly kicking off the patterns divisions.s.  The quality and numbers in each division was at a new highest level with some of the junior divisions having 76 competitors in the one category!  The patterns divisions were then followed by the sparring divisions which were hard fought, however the St Andrews first Aid, who were covering the event did not have any cases of injury in the childrens divisions, a true mark of a “Goodwill Event”, this environment permits children to develop without the fear of being harmed during combat.

Once the younger children and then the juniors were finishing the coloured belt adult divisions started, this allowed us to keep adult and veteran black belts until  last to build to the main sparring events.

Taekwon-Do Uk are very proud to say that for the first time in many years, we could host a veteran division for over 40’s and also an over 50,s division to ensure that competition is kept fair and also maintaining a vessel for the more elderly or senior TKD community, the chance to still pull on their dobok and compete with like-minded students.

The Black belt divisions did not disappoint and once again the standard and sportsmanship was extremely high with the eventual winners earning a true title of Scottish Champion 2011. 

I would like to thank everyone who supported our event in any way and look forward to seeing you all again.n.  Once again our success has outgrown the venue and next year our competition will be held in an arena which can maintain our competitor and spectator demands. 

 David Condie T-UK