Tactical Edge Instructor Course - 13/3/2011
On the last weekend in January 2 Central TKD Instructors attended the 2nd Tactical Edge Instructor Course that was held in Livingston, Scotland.
Mr Archer & Mr Noddings trained for 2 days of full 'Tactical Edge' Instructor Syllabus.
The weekend was full on and hard work but very enjoyable and informal.
Mr Davies once again impressed with his knowledge, speed and skill in unarmed combat and was very helpful throughout the course.

Dates are currently being compiled for the next one but until then, all who attended have many drills etc. to practise.
Mr Miley and some of his students and Mr Condie and Mr Baker also attended this 2 day course.

Everyone had a great time and very much look forward to the next one.
On behalf of all Central TKD we would again like to thank Mr Davies for his hard work with us over this last couple of years.